I'm proud to announce my new project with my brother PHNM called Light.Em.Up.  We are a DJ duo that has an app that goes along with our project.  Users download the app and use it during our shows.  Every 20 minutes we have a breakdown where we tell the crowd to "Light Em Up".  At that time they get into the app and select a color that corresponds to a specific genre of Dance Music.  They then hold up their phones showing the color of their choice and at the end of the countdown the color that dominates in the crowd dictates the genre that we go into next in our set.  The fans get to pick the direction and hear the styles of music that they want.  PHNM and I are both known for being diverse DJs that can rock any crowd and we thought it would be fun to include the audience and make them a part of the show.

Download the Iphone app HERE :: Download the Android app HERE