It's been a while since I gave an update on what's going on in my world.  First, my new project called Light.Em.Up with my little brother PHNM has been going really well.  We just had a crucial new app update and if you have yet to download it please go to and do so for both Android and iPhone.  

The project focuses on our strengths which is our DJ Skills.  Both PHNM and I have been praised and known for our diversity when it comes to music and being able to play any room.  With that in mind I got the idea of creating an app where fans would logon to it while at the party  About every 20 minutes we do a "Light.Em.Up" breakdown where we have a 10 second countdown and the partygoers get into their app and pick a color that corresponds to a specific genre of music.  After making the selection people hold up their phones and which ever color dominates in the crowd, we mix into that genre of music.  We give party goers the opportunity to contribute to our set which makes it fun and also a completely unique set each and every time. 

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