As many of you know I have a project with DJ PHNM known as LightEmUp.  We have an app that goes along with the project that we use at shows.  When you get to the party you log onto the app and then every 20 minutes we have a "LightEmUp breakdown".  At the end of the countdown you pick a genre of music from the app.  Each genre has a color associated with it.  You pick the color and then hold your phone up and which ever color dominates in the crowd is the genre that we play next. 

We give the party goers the ability to contribute to our set and dictate the musical direction.  Because of this, no 2 sets are ever the same and you get a unique experience each show.  We noticed people are on their phones at events so why not make that work to our advantage.  The reason we did this is because PHNM and I are known for being 2 of the most diverse DJs in Chicago with the ability to play any room.  We wanted to create something that was technology driven and unlike anything anyone has done before.  I think we did that just right.

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