After about 2 years off I was back at Columbia College Chicago this Spring semester to teach THE CLUB DJ PRODUCER class that I developed at the school.  This was to add onto the Club DJ 1 & 2 classes that I had also been teaching there (and took myself when I was a student back in the day).  With the gaining interest in DJing and music production at Columbia, it has been brought up that the school is thinking about offering DJing as an actual minor at the school.  This is very exciting for me and the students as we want to take the program to the next level. 

The whole reason I started teaching at Columbia is to be able to use my experience, skill, and contacts to help students progress further and faster with DJing and music production.  I have been able to set students up with internships with companies like React Presents, Silver Wrapper, and various clubs in Chicago. 

If you are reading this and you are a student at Columbia, please take a look at the 2 classes that I will be teaching in the Fall 2018 semester.  The Club DJ 2 is the follow up to The Club DJ 1 class and builds on the skills the students have learned.  I have a few spots left in each class, but they are filling up fast!  There are only 15 slots total for each so we have limited space.  The 2nd class I am teaching is called THE BEAT PRODUCER and I will teach students how to create original tracks using Ableton Live and various resources.  The class codes are . CLUB DJ 2 - RADI258 and BEAT PRODUCER RADI164.  If you have any questions about either class please shoot me a message.