With over 19 years of DJ experience ranging from events like underground rave parties to radio shows to fashion shows or even a few weddings Zebo has taken pride in the ability to adapt to any situation.  He uses each unique experience to learn more about what music works with various crowds and demographics. 

Zebo's desire to share his multi-genre approach and crowd reading technique was inspired by the death of his mentor and Columbia College Club DJ professor, Johnny Summerset.  Zebo felt the need to pick up the torch and carry on Johnny's teachings as they have given him the ability to stand out in an over-saturated market to the extent that he has won Chicago's Favorite DJ 5 years in a row, opened up for some of the World's biggest musicians, and given Johnny's position as Club DJ professor at Columbia College.

As the Club DJ professor he teaches students the various methods of DJing with Turntables, CDJs, Controllers, and digital setups such as Serato and Traktor.  He instructs students in a manner so that they build a solid foundation of DJing manually that could translate to all DJ technologies utilized today, which includes, but is not limited to beat matching by ear, blending, and programming. He has also went on to develop their Club DJ Producer course and is that instructor as well.

Outside of Columbia College and Scratch Academy, Zebo also provides private lessons. 

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